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HODL Vault

HODL Vault is the solution we idealized for the stress that comes from keeping up with the pumps and dumps of the crypto market.

The idea behind it is very simple. You choose an asset, the amount to deposit and the date in which you wish to unlock this deposit. By doing so, you lose access to that asset and remove yourself from the shenanigans of green and red candlesticks.

Once the time you set has passed you can withdraw your money.

The HODL Vault will also serve as a way of distribution of our governance token (CARPE). Depending on the token, amount and time of your deposit, a CARPE reward is calculated for you to claim.

Deposit NFT

Once you deposit in our HODL Vault you receive an NFT to represent the deposit.

This allows for some fun stuff besides withdrawing your deposit. You can now:

  • Increase the deposited amount without changing the lock time

  • Transfer your deposit to another address

  • Sell your deposit in our soon to come Marketplace

Carpe DAO

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